Welcome to the Underground Fight Club!

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Full Band

Welcome to the Underground Fight Club! Inside this site you will meet the presidents of the militia! You will meet “The Godfather”, “Kurt” ,”Zinc”, “Crosscut”, and “Taylor”. Here you can chat with the band and check out all of our videos and photos! You will also be directed to all of our songs to get you pumped up and ready for the album coming very soon! But first a little bit about our band. The band was started by me (Zinc) and Kurt when we were seniors in high school. We had a mission to tell the world what was on our minds. We had been in tons of different bands and met a bunch of great musicians. We went out searching for the right group of musicians to make this band right. We then met the Godfather a little while later and he fit in the band great. The Godfather brought a “Flowing” vibe to the band with his rap influenced background. From then on we started creating new material to fit the sound and theme of what the band was trying to accomplish. We had been friends with Crosscut for a long time and learned that he wanted to share the same message with the world so he fit perfect with us. So after years of writing countless songs and playing many shows as different bands, our band finally found the sound we were looking for! We then met Taylor while working on some new songs and could really see his passion for drumming and love for music. He also shared the same interests as the band and loved the message of the music. So now that the full band is together, Underground Fight Club is stronger that ever! Right now we are just finishing up with our rehearsals for the live show, and working on songs for our debut album. We are coming for you full force! So be ready Militia!

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